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I was sitting here reading some of my old blog posts from 5 yrs ago, and came across one post that still has a strong presence for me today as I read it.  It is amazing how some things change over time and how some things stay the same.  Over time maturity and experience are tools that we use regularly to navigate our paths. At times, we do need reminders of what should be our primary focus! 
Here's the post from 2007!  Enjoy!

Stay Focused!

I am finally getting back to writing. I had gone to Walmart on Thursday and got myself some new knitting needles and a skein of yarn. {Dangerous!} I had watched my show on TV - Knitty Gritty - and decided that I was going to learn how to make socks like Karen Baumer the guest for the day. She worked on double pointed needles, and I really do not like them! I tried to do it anyway. It worked! I made a pair of bedroom socks! But I really do not like the process of working with 4 or 5 needles. I am a 2 needle person. I took the pattern and adapted it to 2 needles, and the rest is history!!! Allie is wearing the new and improved bedroom socks! I am a total knitting knut! Now I am working on a baby blanket in a new stitch that I learned while working on the socks. This one is a little more time consuming, but it will be beautiful when finished.

Today, I got to see a movie that I had wanted to see when it came out not too long ago. "One Night with The King". The story of Esther. It was really good! It stayed true to the Bible. I really like that, because so many Biblical movies stray and embellish much of their story. I am going to try and look at it again. I watched it online at (The Trinity Broadcasting Network

Over the weekend, I was talking with a friend of mine about the world today and what it is doing to our children/heirs. What started the conversation was I was looking on television at a program dealing with retirement. They were on the subject of baby-boomers. They said that the boomers were born in the years 1945-1964. Well, I just missed the mark!! I was calling to pick on my friend because she is in that age group! We laughed, and then we started talking about issues that face alot of us. The economy, our families, our health and what it takes to live in this society today. We were both concerned because our children will have to work sooner, work longer, to achieve less than we did. Not only that they are not living as long! Due to crime, stress, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and more. All at epidemic proportions! We were talking about our parents, the generation before us, and how at our age they could run laps around us! We sat and laughed at how we do what the older folks used to do! We compare our medications! Our conversations revolve around who went to the Dr and what the Doctor said and what test we have to go and get done! 

I had to sit and think about it. Where was my focus? Twelve years ago I was hours from death. I had a major bone infection, and my body was starting to shut down. I had two little children, and at that time I was still with my husband. We had our own home and I worked full time. My time was consumed with living and all the drama that goes along with it. I took minimal time to read my Bible and go to church. You know GOD is good! He is a fair and considerate person. I say person, because He is one. He is real and alive. 

While in the hospital, with the Doctors fighting the infection and trying to bring my blood count up enough to operate, I desperately called out to GOD. Many people may not believe, but I know GOD answered. GOD asked me a question. It was a question that only I could answer. He could not answer it for me. No one could answer this question but me. GOD asked me "Do you want to live?" Without hesitation I answered yes! GOD then said "Get up and live!" At that moment my life changed! Things happened quickly after that point in time. My blood count rose from 2.5 to 9 in less than twelve hours without a blood transfusion! They operated and removed my leg from mid calf down. Within two hours my blood count was in the normal range of 12. Usually when a person has a limb removed, they are in extreme pain and has to stay sedated. The hospital stay is not days but weeks! I came out of the recovery room sitting up on my gurney! I had no pain! I was home in 7 days!

Why the long story? I wanted to share with you about the choice I made. Life is full of choices. GOD allows us to make our own choices. I had to remember that! To stay focused on GOD and live.........................................

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