Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ho Hum............................................

Got through the past five days only to mess up on Saturday?  Well Friday night!   Forgot to take my night insulin.sad  I fell asleep!  
So this morning my sugars were 205.  Not too bad for not having my night shot.

The dreary weather here, is making for so so start to my day.  I would like to crawl back into bed!! 

Everyday I am learning something new about myself and life.  You would think I would have a handle on that by now at 46 years old, but not so! 
Yesterday I learned, sometimes you just can't help a person!  You cannot help them in any way, shape, form or fashion! 
Today I learned? Well, the day isn't over yet?  lol lol   ~BUT~   Sometimes, you just have to be patient!  The journey from start to finish is a long one!  No shortcuts allowed!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Today is Friday!!!  Need I say more???   Made it through this 5 day stretch!!  Came out pretty good too!

Today is a very special day for me!  Today I got my wound vac removed.  I had been on the system for just a bit over 2 months!  

GOD is soooo good! 

When I first got onto the system, my prognosis was not very good.  A wound that size??!!!  They would say!  A year at best!! 
When GOD is in the plan, amazing things happen! 

Woke up this morning and my sugars were 155!!  Another good one!  Not great, but good!!!   Got my shake, and yes!  I did the dishes!!!

Now onto my knitting!!
I started the dish cloth yesterday afternoon.  It is working up really nice!   It is a lavender multi.  Should be finished this evening!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Had a pretty good day!!!!!   No sugars over 200! 

Started working on a new dish cloth!  The pattern is really easy, and the finished product is really nice!   I am using Aunt Lydia's Classic 10 crochet thread.  You use two strands when u knit, because the thread is really thin.

This is the cloth I am working on.

It is a really nice work up!
Well today is Monday!!!  A good day to start on.
Trying a liquid fast for today.  Although not recommended (Type 1 diabetic).  Very much needed!   Did not behave myself this past weekend and now I am paying for it!   So for me, it's going to be coffee, tea, plenty of water, my protein shakes (a necessity for wound healing) and a strong dose of will power!  My starting sugar reading was 250 @ 9 46a, right now?  168!  good reading!

 Well I made till about 2 30pm.  Them promptly fell off the wagon!! Not giving up!  Too much at stake.

Made it through day one!

I managed to get through today!!  Had some ups and some disappointing downs.
I learned some things in the process.
    1. A schedule is a must!!!!
    2. Sticking to the schedule is very important!!
    3. If u are not supposed to have it, don't eat it!!!!
Because of my bad behavior today sadsadsad my last blood sugar was 447shockedshocked!!!  Not good at all!


Second Day!

Well with yesterday behind me, I can only look at today and try to do better!
My sugars were 247 this morning!  Thanks to my eating forbidden chinese food!  Note:  not all Chinese food is forbidden, there are some good choices on the menu.  I just did not choose any!!!
General Tso's Chicken is  definitely not a good choice!!!  Of course it comes with that fried rice of theirs! ooooooo and that egg roll!!!   So I really nose dived off the wagon last night!!!

Well this morning is my cold harsh light of reality!!!

I found this program online that will let u track ur readings to get a better understanding of your glucose levels.     once u download the program it walks u through the set up process
and after that u log in your information.  Pretty easy!   It really showed me how I am not doing well in controlling my sugars!  I feel ashamed, because I know I could do better.  Not just for myself but for
my family.  My two grown children (still at home with me) are borderline diabetics and my fiance` Nevell is an insulin dependant diabetic also.  So I am not being not only a role model for them, but the extra support they need to keep theirs in line.
Well, let's hope today I will do better than yesterday!

 Well just took my dinner time sugars and it was 229.  Better than yesterday!!  Still not in the range I would like it to be!
Now onto something more interesting!!!!  What could be more interesting???  For me that would be knitting!
Found a nice sweater pattern that I believe that I could actually do!  Just have to work out the numbers for a top down version.  What do u think?
The pattern seems pretty easy, but it is worked in pieces.   Really thinking about giving it a try!!!

 Well, I made it through day 2!  Not too bad!  My late sugars were 190!


Again I try!

This morning was a better morning.  My sugars were at 161. Much better than yesterday!  Although that is something to feel good about, things went down hill from there!
I live in this house with three other adults!!  Three of them!!!!!!  Not a one of them felt the need to straighten the kitchen.  Notice I said straighten. Not clean.  Either would
have been appreciated.  The kitchen has a dishwasher!  So there would have not been any washing of dishes. 

To better understand why I am upset, you would have to know my situation.   I am disabled ( the other three are not).  I have spina bifida and I use a power chair!  On January 22 I had the first
two surgeries to drain and debrede an extremely large abcess (12-15 cm deep x 12 cm wide). The abcess had turned into a necrotizing faciitis, as it had bacterial properties that were feeding on my
soft tissue.  On top of that I had a very bad UTI and a ceptic infection.  I am very fortunate to be at home, healing and not in some rehabilitation center!  So it would not be selfish in the least
for me to expect that any one of these healthy individuals could keep the kitchen reasonably clean?  NO!!!  I go to get a cup of coffee and to start making my protein shake and can't!!!  The kitchen
is totally unsuitable for human habitation!!!

  Did any of the healthy individuals come forward to volunteer?  Not a one!!!  So I reload the dishwasher, wash the remaining stack of dishes, pots and pans.
Clean the blender so the shake could be made,  dried all of the hand washed and dishwasher washed dishes and started a load of laundry!!!  Then I could finally make my shake!!!!!

I WANT MY COFFEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Well, I feel awesome!!!!  just took my dinnertime sugars and they were 131!!!   Goes to show ( me anyway) that eating your veggies works!

Doing Better, Feeling Better!

This morning was much better than the previous mornings! My sugars were at 149!

Did not expect much from the kitchen and it lived up to it!  It was not as bad this morning as it was yesterday!  But I tackled it and my shake!

This morning it was chocolate banana!!  Tasted pretty good!   My goal is to get a variety of flavors here in the house, so that I will have a change every now and then.  Started out with strawberry, was good but was getting a bit boring.
Since I am having trouble with my breakfasts, these are working out really good!