Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ho Hum............................................

Got through the past five days only to mess up on Saturday?  Well Friday night!   Forgot to take my night insulin.sad  I fell asleep!  
So this morning my sugars were 205.  Not too bad for not having my night shot.

The dreary weather here, is making for so so start to my day.  I would like to crawl back into bed!! 

Everyday I am learning something new about myself and life.  You would think I would have a handle on that by now at 46 years old, but not so! 
Yesterday I learned, sometimes you just can't help a person!  You cannot help them in any way, shape, form or fashion! 
Today I learned? Well, the day isn't over yet?  lol lol   ~BUT~   Sometimes, you just have to be patient!  The journey from start to finish is a long one!  No shortcuts allowed!

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