Monday, April 2, 2012

Good Morning Monday!!!

Good Morning Monday!!

Well it's Monday again, and the second day of what is turning out so far to be a very stressful week!!  Only two days in and already wishing it was over.

At least my sugars were in good humor this morning coming in at around 114.  Waited so long for numbers like this!  Wish I could enjoy them more.

Yesterday, was my sister's birthday!  Marge would have been 60 years old.  She's been gone almost 2 years now!  Time has passed so quickly, still hard to believe she is
not here.   There are only 3 out of 5 children left now...................

What lesson did I learn over the weekend?

GOD is faithful!! Although those around you may fall short, HE lives up to and beyond all expectations! 
You see, we humans are imperfect.  So, we are going to stumble and fall quite a bit. 
That is what makes us wonderful, our humanity!  Everyone is different!  No two alike!
That  is such a wonderful blessing too! We get to see things from different perspectives, and in doing so we get to see a broader more accurate picture.

Well I finished my dish cloth!!  It turned out wonderful!!!  This one won't get given away coolcoolcool     
Already started my next project!  A little boy's (newborn) summer cardigan set!  It's a gift!

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