Monday, July 29, 2013

Different Deviled Eggs!

This looks totally good!!!!!   The Happy Herbivore posted this recipe!!

Happy Herbivore Recipe

Deviled Eggs

Prep time: | | Total time:
Servings: 12
A healthy, fat-free, plant-based (vegan!) version of deviled eggs inspired by Ann Esselstyn!

Picture of Deviled Eggs



Boil potatoes until fork-tender, then let cool completely. Meanwhile, mix hummus, mustard, garlic and onion together, plus a pinch of black salt, stirring to combine. (Add hot sauce here if you prefer a spicy deviled egg). Taste, adding more Dijon or black salt to taste, then set aside. Once potatoes cool, slice in half long-ways and use a little spoon or melon baller to scoop out a small circle of the potato flesh (this is your “egg”). Spoon hummus mixture into the hole and garnish with paprika or smoked paprika.

Nutritional Information

  • Serving Size: 1
  • Servings Per Batch: 12
  • Amount Per Serving
  • Calories 69
  • Fat 0.60g
  • Carbohydrate 14.40g
  • Dietary Fiber18g
  • Sugars0.90g
  • Protein2.10g

Thursday, July 25, 2013

This was not expected!

  • After surviving one of the hottest 2+ weeks of hot weather, it was an unexpected surprise to wake up to temps in the 60's!! 

    When growing up, July stayed hot from start till finish.  August would come in warm, then the sun would move to its fall position and

    it would get cooler, much like it is right now.  Then came September!!!  The heat would blur your mind!!  Things like that you remember, and think

    about how so many things have changed since childhood.

    Downsizing to this smaller place has made me appreciate space!!  Not that I would give it up, but living in a smaller space with only the things necessary

    for daily living, gives you opportunity to be thankful for all you've been blessed with. 

    Found this on a page that I follow, "Heart Touching Stories".  I just seemed appropriate. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Simple Beauty

Sometimes, the beauty is in the simplicity.  Although, there is beauty in all styles, sometimes all that is needed is a basic, classic, timeless accessory.

Picked my knitting needles back up today!!!!  Still working on the second crocheted scarf I started.  I have about 2 feet left to do on it and it will be finished.  Started a 3x3 ribbed scarf.  so far it is looking very good!! I have enough yarn to make a hat to match.  

Here is a pattern that was posted on a page that I follow on FB, the Yarn Box!!  They really have awesome patterns!!  Most free!!   I loved this scarf for its simple beauty!!! 

 Ingrid Scarf pattern by Fiber Flux


Sunday, July 21, 2013

The heatwave is over!!

Well, yesterday they declared the "heatwave" over.  Now instead of temps in the 90's and heat indexes in the 100's, we get temps
in the upper 80's with heat indexes in the 90's.  Brrrrrrrr, real chilly!!!  Felt the same to me when I went onto the porch.

Found this nice "FREE" pattern for a scarf.  I really like it!!!  I would choose a different color combination or just go with a solid.
Check it out!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1. Anyone can be a knitter, and anything can be knitted.

Anyone can be a knitter, and anything can be knitted.

2. And the best people in the world are knitters.

18 Important Life Lessons To Learn From Knitting

3. Knitting, and the time you spend doing it, is priceless.

Knitting, and the time you spend doing it, is priceless.
Still haven’t forgiven my little sister for the time I knitted her a beret only to find that she later went out and bought a nearly identical version at Urban Outfitters. NEVER AGAIN.

4. Although bartering is a different story.

Although bartering is a different story.

5. Always get the good stuff.

Always get the good stuff.
Acrylic (arguably) has its place, but there’s no better feeling than pressing a squishy pile of silk-merino against your face.
(Maybe that’s just me.)

6. The joy of a completed project is only matched by the pain of an unfinished one.

The joy of a completed project is only matched by the pain of an unfinished one.
Although there’s no harm in having several different projects going on at the same time; sometimes it’s fun to switch them up, and leads to all kinds of new ideas.

7. Stashes are deeply personal.

Stashes are deeply personal.
Never let yourself be stash-shamed, no matter how large or small it may be!

8. Knitting is incredible therapy.

Knitting is incredible therapy.
Something about the rhythm, the calm, and watching these tiny stitches add up to create a tangible result makes you feel like you can handle pretty much anything.

9. And helps you channel your emotions.

And helps you channel your emotions.
Although you could do a fair amount of damage with some Addi Turbos…just sayin’.

10. Knitting skills can come in handy in the strangest circumstances.

Knitting skills can come in handy in the strangest circumstances.

11. Resourcefulness is key.

Resourcefulness is key.

12. Dream big.

Dream big.
Crafters of all kinds have always been absolutely amazing at rallying in times of tragedy and need, and they’re unrivaled when it comes to thinking outside the scarf, as it were.

13. Live on the edge.

Live on the edge.
Or don’t, and save yourself from a lifetime* of pain and suffering down the road.
*an hour, maybe.

14. Step away from the internet.

Step away from the internet.
Just as soon as you’ve emailed yourself that one last Knitty pattern. And updated your stash on Ravely. And Pinned three or four dozen…oh dear.

15. Crocheters totally know what’s up, too.

Crocheters totally know what's up, too.

16. Haters gonna hate.

Haters gonna hate.
There will always be people who’ll make fun of what you’re doing or just won’t understand it, and there’s not enough time in the day to spend engaging with them. Insults run the gamut from “old lady hobbyist” to “hipster bandwagon jumper” with total disregard of the fact that there are as many different kinds of knitters in the world as there are people (to paraphrase my favorite childhood book, Harriet the Spy). Just smile and nod and knit another row while they waste their time judging how other people spend theirs. Besides, you’ll be the one laughing when said haters FREEZE TO DEATH because they don’t have any cozy handmade mittens/gloves/sweaters next winter.

17. So hold your head high and keep doing what you’re doing.

So hold your head high and keep doing what you're doing.

18. Because while knitting may not solve all your problems, it definitely makes them feel a whole lot less pressing.

Because while knitting may not solve all your problems, it definitely makes them feel a whole lot less pressing.