Monday, August 25, 2014

It has been awhile!!!

Good Morning friends and family!!! First off, I would like to thank GOD for another day and everything He has done for me! Many do not know that this past year has been an especially hard one for me and my family. Today, the last Monday in August marks the 1 year anniversary of my Bladder Cancer diagnosis! I did not know that much about Bladder Cancer at the time, I just knew that some people got it. I did not know that it is a very aggressive cancer that has a high mortality rate. I do now!!! I went through all of the testing and probing necessary, but still did not get the information on what stage I was. I got the kind it was! (Squamus Cell) hopefully spelled it right! It took 5 long (very long when you are waiting) months to have my surgery. I had to have my bladder, ureters, uterus, cervix, ovaries, Fallopian tubes removed. Thank goodness I already had nephrostomy tubes inserted for my kidney functions!! Found out that it had spread to my left leg and had attached itself to my femoral artery. So I had an arterial bybass on my leg at the same time as the other surgery. Later I learned I was stage IV. By GOD's grace I made it!! Time to heal and get ready for the next phase of my journey (So I thought!!) I made my appointment with the Oncologist. Very nice Dr. Very nice! He let me know he made the decision to operate, usually he would have told the surgeons close it back up, but that day he didn't, and I thank him for that!!. Now we want the answer to the question that we've been waiting for since the diagnosis ~~~~ how much time do I have??? Well first he had better news I suppose. I was not a candidate for chemotherapy!!!! to many issues going on with my body, chemo would surely take my life!!! I was not feeling chemo that much anyway! what about my time????? His answer?? well we are going for QUALITY of life at this time. ooooooooook what does that mean??? It took some time and much prayer, but over time I came to take it as you live your best until you die!!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, has to die. What we have to learn to do is to live our absolute BEST before we do!!! So today I give GOD all the Glory!!! Without HIM there would be no 1st anniversary to celebrate!! Now I am working on getting back to knitting full time again. I missed it sooo much!!! My hands are better now, not so much cramping and I really need the calmness it brings. Please keep our family in prayer and I keep yours in prayer also! Have a beautifully blessed day!!! DBM

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