Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 Days and counting!

Day 3 and counting!

Day three and counting!!!
Dealing with this cold is starting to wreck my nerves!
Somehow, I am not dealing with it well at all.  Usually when everyone gets a cold or flu here in the house, it misses me!  Generally, I keep my self pumped with the herbs and vitamins. This summer had been different.
I have not been taking them as I usually do, and it caught up with me.  Big lesson in that one!!!
I may have a cold with the works, but it has not stopped me from knitting! "laughs"   I am working on a dishcloth!!  Since I made my first one, I have been hooked.  I like the  feel of them and they are better quality than the ones bought from Wallyworld.  They do not take long to make. I love using Aunt Lydia's cotton crochet thread #3 and size three knitting needles.  They come out awesome!

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