Saturday, September 22, 2012

Scenes of Autumn

Scenes of Autumn

Sitting here as the last remnants of a small thunder storm rolls by, thinking of how the weather will really change now!  The days will be milder and the nights much colder.    Dinners will be of one pot wonders, and evenings will be of knitting something to keep warm.  Time for the percolator, drip coffee will not do!!!!  The smell of perked coffee seeping through the house is like none other!    

It's times like these when you sit back and be thankful.  Knowing that some of the blessings that GOD has given us, is not shared by the unfortunate.  Not everyone can sit back and relax with a steaming cup of hot coffee, chocolate or tea. For some, a cup of clean water would be welcome.

As I sit knitting this hat I am working on, thinking of things I could possibly do for someone in need, ideas flood into my mind.  I feel much better thinking about doing things with my knitting other than selling it.  Although the money is needed, so is a sense of goodwill.  The feeling that I helped someone.

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