Sunday, April 8, 2012

  • Finally!

    Finally!  I have been able to get some pics of the things I have been working on while recuperating.  It has been a long 2.5 months!  I haven't been just sitting idle!  lol lol    pun intended!  Sitting is all I can really do for now!!

    I have knitted 10 hats and a baby sweater! Still working on the bottom half of the sweater set, and just started working on a wine bottle cozy!  Things to keep my mind busy while I mend, and to exercise my hands.  My hands really took a beating while in the hospital. Several I.V.'s in both!  So there is cramping and muscle spasms. Pain!!!!  The more I work with them the better!

    Sometimes things happen, or something is said that can be used as a life lesson.  Something that really gives you thinking material.  It can be something so simple!

    During a conversation with a friend {we were discussing the gasoline prices} earlier, the discussion turned to the president and why he does not do anything to help.  Several contributors to the conversation (on FB of course!) seemed to feel that it is the government's fault that they cannot afford gasoline!  To a certain extent, I agree!  BUT  On the other hand I don't!  The government can do much better with the money that they are entrusted with.  That is a definite fact!!  But to blame them for all "your" financial woes?  NO!!!!!!   You do have some say in how your income is spent!  {Your take home pay, after taxes that is!}  
    That is something I am learning more and more!! We have more control of our lives than we think or believe!  Sometimes, the choices we make cause our problems.  Every action causes a reaction!  We have to learn to re think our options, because we all have them!  Sometimes we have to move out of our comfort zones!!  Do without some things!  Change our habits!  We have to be willing to do these things for ourselves!  Sometimes we cannot afford gasoline for our car because of the car payment for that said car!!!  Or because we have to eat lunch out every single day!  or because we have all the cable channels and are not home to watch them and when you are at home TV is the last thing on your mind!
    Living on a fixed income teaches you many things!!!  What you can or cannot afford becomes an issue immediately!  We have options, we just have to explore them and experiment with some of them! 

    Before my mind goes off in another direction!  lol lol  I am going to post my pics!!!

    I decided to make two of each of the hats to really get to know the pattern.  Not that they were hard patterns.  I just needed to learn and make myself follow a pattern!  To follow directions!   Very important!!

    What lesson did I learn today????

    We are in control of our lives!  It's the decisions that we make that steers the course of our lives!  We have options! We can choose to do things differently!  As much as we'd like to, we cannot blame the government for everything!  lol lol

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