Thursday, April 12, 2012

Re Post: April 12 th A work in progress!!!

A work in progress!

I have been working on wine bottle cozies for the past several days.  I made two, and they came out very nice!  Got my son to take pics!  They really do not show how nice they really are, but I will show them anyway! 
Today I am working on a different pattern for a wine bottle cozy. It is really working up nice!  It would really look good on a wine bottle too!!  If only I had read the pattern more closely!!bummed  The yarn that was to be used and the size of the needles make all the difference in the world!!!!  Trust me!! They do!  I am knitting along, happy that I am actually knitting a lace pattern.  Then I really take a look at the cozy.  Now this is the first attempt mind u!  I was using the worsted weight yarn (NOOOO!!!!!!)  and size 8 double pointeds.  Held it up and unless someone was going to buy a magnum of champagne, this cozy was way to big!!!!  Looked like the makings of a purse actually!wtf  So this intelligent person goes back and re reads the pattern and notices that she was using the wrong size needles.  Duh!!!!!  Well this intelligent person reads further and realizes that she has the wrong type of yarn also!!! clueless  So what does this mindless person do??  She rips out all the work she has done and starts over again with the same yarn and size 6 double pointeds.  Yes!!!!  Well it did make the cozy a bit smaller, but still not within the range it needed to be.  So it becomes a toilet paper cover!!!!  It fits one of those 1000 sheet rolls perfectly!!!laughinglaughinglaughing  So all was not lost!!!!!   Here is the pics of the wine cozy that came out nice!!! Will post better pics later with the toilet paper cover too!!!

We like our knitting projects, or anything that you make, we are works in progress!  We work with them till we have a completed item.   BUT, unlike the things we make by hand, we are continually being molded and shaped.  It is an ongoing process!!  Thank goodness for that!!!!  I for one am glad that through the life experiences and time, that I am not who I was when I was younger.  Sometimes, you hear people say that "you've changed"! Like it is a bad thing!!  That is the best thing that could have happened!!  That you have changed, you have grown, you see things differently, you have matured!
Now there are instances when our life experiences have not been good, and taints your outlook on things.  You see and feel the negative in all situations.  It happens!!!!  It happens to the majority of us!!  You feel stuck!!  Like that car stuck in the mud, the more you try to get out the deeper you sink!!  What do you do???????????  Believe it or not, the same thing you would do if you were actually in that car stuck in the mud.  Stop trying to get out of the mud.  Calm your nerves.  Get out of the vehicle or situation.  Look at your situation from this new angle. Notice that you have more than one option to getting yourself out of this situation. Which will you choose???  That is a decision only you can make.  You have the power to decide.  Your situation, your decision!!
You see I keep on knitting, learned that lace pattern, and made something anyway!!!!  A toilet paper cover!!!  Cool!

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