Friday, April 6, 2012

Well made that pot of coffee and I am on the second cup!! 
So much can be thought out over a cup of coffee.  It used to be cigarettes for me.  They worked, but they were hurting my pocketbook!!   I know my health too!!  Coffee has effectively taken their place! 

Today I think about how to better my existence and that of my family.  What is working for us and what is not!!!  I had decided that 2012 was going to be that year of all years that changes were going to happen!  Good changes!   Well?  There have been changes.  Don't know if you could call them good.  whatevah  Change takes time!   

I was forced to examine my health.  I got sick!!  I got hospitalized!! I almost died!!  That gave me plenty to think about!  How I had directly caused my health problems, and what I could do to make them better.  It is amazing what a hospital stay in isolation can do for u!!  You have nothing but time!!

Being sick also caused me to have to examine my finances!!  What was I doing with what I got?  Well let's just say this  --  it was not good!!  The picture painted was terrible!!!  Now this situation is a teensy bit harder to deal with.  Why?  Because of my inability to control myself!  I am a spender!!!  I can find something to buy with two pennies!  Not a good thing at all, and not an easy habit to tame.  My goal?  To spend more wisely!  When you spend wisely, you have more to show for it!  I do not need a bigger place, the place I have is great!!  What I need is for my place to reflect my wise choices in life!  To not only show the love and warmth, but to make any and all feel it as well.

My knitting! I really wanted to take my knitting to the next level.  I have everything in place to run this little business!  I needed to get it moving literally!!!  It was not doing anything or going anywhere.   It just existed!  I wanted quality not just quantity.  So I had to sit down and re think my options.  Then to stick with those options!  Most of all -- to do this because this is what is in my heart to do. 

What lesson did I learn today?
Changes are needed, and those changes take time!   There is a thought and a decision process behind each change! You cannot change anyone but you! Every day brings new opportunity!!!  happyhappyhappy

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