Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Experience Stretching

Good Afternoon!!!!  

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!!  

Still battling a cold!!  Changing of the seasons, the temps going from hot to cold.  It hit everyone in the household.  Hopefully a few more days and it will pass!

Was reading a blog today from Darya Rose named Summer Tomato.  I love her blogs!! Pne day I hope to be able to put into words everything I want to see like she does.  
Well, in it she was talking about her tastes regarding the foods she like, and once liked.  How over time things changed.  Well for one her appetite changed, when she started eating different foods, and she started wanting them more then the old fare she was used to eating.    It is better coming from her.  Here is a link to her blog:::

There was one particular portion of her blog that really got me.  It is the section where she mentions a book she had read by   Dan Gilbert, called  Stumbling on Happiness.  He brings out something interesting,  {In it Gilbert describes a phenomenon called experience stretching, in which your definition of happiness expands and changes relative to the breadth of your experiences. He says, “Once we have an experience, we are thereafter unable to see the world as we did before. Our innocence is lost and we cannot go home again.”}
I took that to mean that once we try new things or experience different things, the old things lose their appeal. (I could be wrong, but that is what I got from it).  None the less, it really got me to thinking.  My life has changed in so many ways, it makes me wonder, am I on the threshold of something new and different??? If so, how will I feel about leaving some of the "old" things behind?  

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