Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September!!

Good Morning All!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!  September rolled in, and so far we have had weather befitting September here in South Jersey!  In a word ~~ HOT!!!   August fizzled terribly.  It is also Back-To-School time this week!  So glad my children are grown now!!  At times I do miss the shopping though.

This weekend I also got the chance to spend a little phone time with a dear friend of mine!  We have been friends now for over 30 years!!  We've been through everything together!  We have not been able to see one another face to face lately, our health does not permit.  But hopefully soon we will.  So much to catch up on!
No one understands you quite like your closest friend.  You share things with them that you would not share with any other person.  NO, not even a spouse! lol lol

My friend and I have been dealing with our health issues for years!  I was born disabled, and have had issues and complications all of my life.  She has acquired her health issues over her life time.  She does not try to "know" what I am going through, and vice versa!!  We have a deep sympathy and compassion for what the other is dealing with at the time.  No one actually "knows"  what another person is feeling or not feeling, because everyone is different.  Two people can have the same illness, and it will manifest differently for each person.  There are some textbook cases, but they do not come along often.  One thing I learned over time is to get to know your body for yourself.  It communicates with us, and then we have to communicate what we learn from our bodies with our health professionals. Just knowing a little bit more about ourselves, can often be a life saver and a help to those you are entrusting with your care.

Well, I've been knitting all weekend!!  Trying to ride the wave, while I can!!!  I have been feeling quite well lately and feel like my knitting "mojo" is coming back!!  I will be glad when it does come all the way back!! I need some bedroom socks in the worst way!!!

Well, that is my contribution for today!!
Hoping everyone will have a wonderful day!!   God Bless!  

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